CLW Partners with Neural Movement

Coach Larry Wade is always looking for ways to improve his athletes physical fitness. He has stepped up his training game by partnering with Neural Movement.

Neural Movement is a fitness company with a focus on improving Performance, Health, and mental well-being by training attributes of the nervous system in conjunction with movement. Their unique methods are data driven and have been implemented with celebrities, professional athletes, children, adults and population groups with neuromuscular disorders. The goal is to help our clients reach their true potential by utilizing their unique training methods. If the body is hardware and the mind is software, their approach is to upgrade both simultaneously.

Their are four areas of training CLW will have access to for his trainees:

    1. Elite Training -The Neural Movement Elite training program is completely tailored to the clients needs. We travel around the globe to work with clients and completely tailor the training to thier needs from analyzing footage of performances to designing training protocols tailored to the clients timing, level of performance and performance needs. We guarantee to improve Response Time in our clients.
    2. Athlete Training – 6 session program geared towards improving the nervous system’s response time. Off season or competition season training. This program is sport specific to the athlete and combines both physical and cognitive training to enhance an athletes performance while decreasing the risk of injury during season. Better stats during the season and more longevity is the goal. Guaranteed improvement in response time.
    3. Fitness and Wellness Sessions – No matter your age or ability level our Fitness and Wellness Program will improve your overall physical and mental Health. On going fitness sessions either one on one or in groups for clients looking to achieve their goals and maintain health while doing something completely unique in terms of fitness.
    4. Adaptive Fitness – At Neural Movement, We look to address the special needs of various population groups by working on the specific areas that may be effected by different disorders. We work with various Neurodegenerative Disorders and special population groups addressing everything from fitness, motor planning to promoting social interaction through activity. Check out all our various programs we offer to see what fits your needs!

What is Neural Movement?

Cognitive Information Processing – At Neural Movement they believe traditional training methods are outdated. Professional athletes like Steph Curry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Vasyl Lomachenko and others are training the mind along with the body. These world class athletes realize that the mind and body are constantly interacting with one another and their training reflects this. On a simplified level, they interact with their surroundings in three steps.

  1. Information: We receive information through various sensation (Sight, auditory, tactile etc.)
  2. Processing: Our brains process that information in various ways.
  3. Action: The brain then executes an action. This can be evading an oncoming object or reaching for a door handle.

Chances are majority of your fitness experiences lacked Step One and Step Two. Traditionally, fitness mainly focuses solely on the third step, Action. This would look something like what you typically see at a gym. Individuals picking up weights and setting them down, running aimlessly on a treadmill, or running a predetermined movement pattern set by a trainer. They look to change this norm by implementing the latest technology and their own unique cognitive training methods, taking traditional exercises and giving them a much needed makeover.

A Neural Movement session would implement all three steps into the fitness exercises. They want you to be able to process information faster while moving. Rather than running aimlessly for cardio they may give you a task where you’re sprinting and reaching out to grasp an object. For agility training, they would have you reacting to a randomized changing stimulus forcing you to react to what you perceive rather than a predictable pattern. Rather than lifting weights traditionally, they may incorporate strength training on a vibrational plate where they get more muscle recruitment and tactile input.

They want you to react faster, perform movements more efficiently while processing everything around you. The world is moving faster every day and our training needs to reflect this so that we can keep pace. But the best way to experience this is to try one of their sessions for yourself!

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